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  • Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

About This Project

The revitalization of the campus for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding provided a unique opportunity to redevelop the campus and provide the best in pediatric emergency and primary care services to Atlanta’s downtown community. The design of the new addition and renovated Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital incorporated environmentally conscious elements provided designation as an exemplary design for environmental and health performance. The new 70,000-s.f. tower facility serves as a gateway to the downtown campus of health facilities.

The building’s corner tower was created to be reminiscent of children’s building blocks. Bright color accents on the exterior were added to be small reflections of the colorful world beyond the walls. The Pavilion canopy, created by a white steelwork frame and translucent roof panels, defines the main entry as it’s greets the Children of Atlanta. The canopy allows natural light to filter into the Main Lobby and Emergency Waiting areas during the day and protects clients when entering the building.

The building is framed and supported though a series of steel column and beam structures with concrete foundations. The exterior building cladding features a combination of dark face brick on the perimeter wainscot and corner façade tower, with the light face brick for the general wall massing. The material selections were made to refl ect the neighboring buildings of the historical Sweet Auburn district while paying homage to the finishes of the 1952 original Hughes Spalding hospital.