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Imagining Cities: Latest Street Painting by Lang Baumann

05 Dec Imagining Cities.

The latest street painting by Lang Baumann. Lang Baumann are known for creating works of ambitious scale that all but take over the public sphere. See more of their work here (

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Do Cities Need Innovation Offices img Wall Clocks indicating World Time

04 Sep Do Cities Need Innovation Offices?

We enjoyed this thought-provoking Article discussing the growing trend towards innovation offices in city government and whether or not these divisions are pursuing work capable of enacting long-term change. The article asks the question: can a true culture of innovation take root if siloed within city government? Perhaps the better...

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04 Sep Free Space

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Activating empty space, one hack at a time. Take a peak behind the walls of Freespace. Read more of the Freespace story here. ([/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]...

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Quotes From Notes

04 Sep Quotes From Notes

I didn’t go to school to design the best shitty faucet. To find my dream job, I had to make it. This is it. – Tippy Tippens, Matter Inc.  ( ...

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Reconnect NewCastle | Blog Post Duckett design Group

04 Sep Reconnect Newcastle

Reconnect Newcastle is an urban installation commissioned by NewcastleNOW, ( Newcastle’s business improvement program, as part of its UrbanSURGE placemaking initiative. A design competition, UrbanSURGE presents an opportunity for up-and-coming designers to leverage Newcastle’s reputation as a creative hotspot and exemplar of urban renewal....

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03 Sep Cyclists: Let’s Talk About Shoaling

KRISTON CAPPS Aug 29, 2014 Are you familiar with shoaling? "Shoaling" is a term for when cyclists have it so good in a city that they turn on each other. No, that's not really what it means. Shoaling is better known as a term of bike etiquette,...

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