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master planning

About This Project

Master Plans
Land Use Plans and Studies
Site Plans
Site Analysis and Selection
Socio-Economic Analysis
Design Guidelines
Development Strategies
Community Take Part Workshops
Government Regulation Preparation


Duckett provides urban planning and master planning services. We integrate our landscape architecture into our planning work. Our plans make sensitive use of topography, natural resources, infrastructure and buildings, resulting in more livable and sustainable projects. This approach can nurture new directions for the master planning of communities, campuses, workplaces, civic and commercial districts, transit-oriented developments, such as the Atlanta Beltline, and urban repurposing. 

Whether master planning a new site or providing urban planning to an existing place for reuse or re-adaption, our projects involve the collaborative integration of various cultural and natural systems in order to develop a sustainable community. We continue in this development of place through the preparation of Design Guidelines and/or revisions to Governmental regulations that foster development of the approved plan.